Hosted Managed Servers

As an extension to our Managed Services and Support Services offerings, PA Technologies allows clients to utilise space by using our Server Hosting Solution based in our data centres as an extension of their own facilities.

In the current economic climate, the amount of investment available for delivering IT services is being reviewed ever more carefully. However, organisations must maintain service levels and provide new solutions to remain competitive, which in turn represents a significant challenge for the IT department – how do you support new services without capital expenditure on additional infrastructure?

For clients who require rapid server provisioning or additional infrastructure for a relatively short period of time (testing, proof of concept, etc.) PA Technologies has invested in virtual server infrastructure that can be used for short term rental, accessed through a secure network. Using our simple booking process, it is possible to request a virtual machine based on your parameters to be configured and available for access within twenty-four hours, seamlessly deploying additional server infrastructure without taking your key technical resource away from their core roles.

Hosted Managed Server

Unlike other forms of rental, PA Technologies adopts a flexible approach to server provisioning and virtual machine configuration, providing up to 4 CPUs per server, up to 2TB of storage and up to 16GB of memory per virtual machine.

Hosted Managed Servers are for you if:

  • You are short of space in your data centre
  • You lack resource bandwidth to install and implement additional server infrastructure
  • The lead time of server provisioning is prohibitive to your project
  • Capital expenditure on additional infrastructure is not a viable option
  • Unanticipated demand cannot be met (such as extra processing power at times of peak workload) as hardware cannot be approved for purchase in the time available


  • Fully managed service, fixed monthly payment
  • Only pay for the resources or services required
  • Gain access to required resources overnight
  • Flexible approach to virtual machine configuration
  • Daily backups available
  • Upgrades to the configuration of a virtual machine can be provided overnight

Call a member of the team on 0845 868 1474 to learn more, alternatively request more information by emailing [email protected] today

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