From data centre to desktop: virtualisation technologies to simplify distributed environments, reduce security risk and facilitate seamless remote working.

Virtualisation in the data centre has been employed by many organisations to great effect for some time but it is only in recent years that the virtual desktop has emerged to reduce both valuable office space utilisation and the support costs associated with distributed desktop machines.

It is however the desktop management issue of data security and privacy that is perhaps most improved by virtualisation techniques – critical and sensitive data is stored away from the more vulnerable local environment – as well as ensuring desktop standardisation and compliance.

IT administrators are able to host and centralise the management of desktop virtual machines in the data centre while providing end users with a seamless desktop experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere; particularly relevant to remote workers. In essence, virtual desktop technologies transform the desktop into a server-hosted environment that is always on, dynamically scalable and centrally secured and managed.

PA Technologies is able to provide a fully configured and supported virtual desktop environment with unlimited hosted desktops and thin client devices for end user access. This can be hosted by PA Technologies or within your own data centre together with 24x7 monitoring and management. Additionally, backup and recovery processes can include replication to a second data centre for the highest levels of resilience and availability in the event of a disruption to your office locations.

PA Technologies is able to provide a virtual desktop proof of concept as part of a shared service offering to enable you to see firsthand exactly how the offering appears and performs before making any commitment.

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  • Remove numerous end user personal computer devices from desks
  • Simplify your distributed computing mode
  • Reduce the threat of security breaches
  • Enable office moves to take place with minimal disruption, cost and complexity
  • Significantly lower the power and cooling requirements in the general office space

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