After 15 years of faithful service we bid farewell to Microsoft’s very popular and legendary MSN Messenger. To many Messenger was considered the granddaddy of online chatting services which is now dominated by Internet-based messaging apps.


Launched in 1999,  Messenger sought to bring the world a little bit closer and aid the instant communication of teenagers everywhere. More recently Messenger had been killed off everywhere except China but as of 31st October that service will be closed there also.

Microsoft notified users in China on Thursday, Aug. 28, via an email that the service was to be closed. However not all is lost, users were informed that they could save their contact list if they migrated to Skype before 31st October. Great move Microsoft!!

Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger, as it was known was launched to compete with AOL’s Aim Service and ICQ services. Over time the service added new features such as  video chat, games and photo messaging as demand for these services grew.

The death of Messenger will mark the closure of a chapter on a time in many peoples lives, but in an already overcrowded IM market space in doesn’t come as a surprise.

MSN Messenger for your faithfully service we salute you and may your legacy live on.

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