As we enter the new year of 2013, we are actually facing a much innovative world around us and to make it more interesting and cool we are bringing innovations to it day after day. We were currently at 2012 facing problems due to the inefficiency of the storage of the present storage solutions. It is lacking flexibility and scalability; it needs to cope up with the requirements of a business.Yes 2013 is a beginning of an efficiency era, due to a certain innovations in technology.

Storage Solutions and Efficiency

Storage solutionsIntel’s announcements focused on efficiency and lower powered micro servers which will be used by less processor intensive workload. It is important for us to know that if just the right amount of micro server is installed, it will do just fine for the least amount of work and would never get overloaded. If we truly want to achieve the value of cloud, first we must believe in efficiency and begin with it as an other things matter too but efficiency is the main element that plays a vital role in achieving the best out of anything. In the world of today, the customers want and desire a lot but the most important thing which they look for is efficient, it really gets them going and it is essential to be efficient to get a good reputation among customers.

Storage Solution Performance.

Performance is equally important, as I said earlier that efficiency is one of the vital things which is needed but it is not the only, performance is something that matters a lot too, efficiency alone cannot produce any good but it is about the right amount of performance which needs to be put in, but what the businesses of today need in their daily working environments is capacity. Getting that capacity as efficiently as possible is important to businesses in order to scale. Scaling as efficiently as possible and as quickly as possible is very important in the daily matters of a business which include backup to recovery and file sharing or building your own clouds, it is the key to it all.

Today, we are trying to help our customers enhance their business without any fear of data loss, providing them with the most efficient storage environments to enable them to have a solid foundation for their future business growth. We have customers at different stages of their journey. Learn how micro mastic shifted to grid store, because it believed in efficiency and that’s exactly what it got. It moved from physical tape to grid store. Or how the Clackamas community college merged their data to enable the efficiencies that grid provided.

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