Welcome, gallant investigators! Our second Hidden Gem is a new look at Power Point. This presentation program will have been in use for a quarter of a century the following year. When it was started, many office computers had green monitors and very few of them were interconnected to one another.
Currently, though, packing a pun china presentation requires multimedia and immediate delivery to anywhere on the globe. The latest version runs very perfectly.

Case Notes

The main Target: Power Point 2010, video/sound features can also apply to 2007 version
The Whereabouts: Featured in all versions of Office 2010, or any available stand-alone from the Microsoft Store.
Modus Operandi: Look like a company twice your size with the unified presentations, packed full of innovative effects and the transitions.
How it will look like and how it appears

Power Point

Case History

Sometimes back, it was a victim of its own success. It is the first choice for literally millions of companies all over the world and that shows that various program’s more popular presentation methods are seen very often. Instead of the “Presentation Fatigue” resolving for
Yet more bullet points rushing in from the right-treat this problem as a clarion call for a bit of inspiration in your next presentation. Power Point 2010 comprises not just the very powerful graphics treatment yet, but combines it with adequate easy manipulation and delivery tools to fit any one into almost a up-and-coming George Lucas.


To display a video inside a slide, choose the slide that you want to play a video. Just in your program, Select Insert>Media and click the arrow under Video. Select Video from file and find the file you want to play. As well, one can use the same program to link the video.


Accurately the same method works for adding sounds. Select Insert>Media and click the arrow under Sound. Select Sound from file and find that file you want to play.
In the slide-editing screen, a marker will show you where you have “put” your sound, even though the marker will not be displayed in the finished presentation. Select it to open Sound Tools with an array of related options to Video

Tools shown.

There are some commonly applicable jobs that you might like to do with sounds, which are treated slightly different. Truly, power point has a number of benefits it offers to the user.

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