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Today, many IT departments and Business Management teams are under increasing pressure to deliver services more effectively to diverse users. However, in many cases considerable time and energy is spent on simply managing IT Services and delivering basic business objectives rather than leveraging their full potential for business benefit.

With our Head Office based in Peterborough we are committed to providing enterprise class IT Support to businesses within the Peterborough region.

The rising number of systems and their complexity within businesses are diverting valuable IT Support resources from the new innovations and the proactive IT Support that every business needs.  IT operations survival depends on intelligent, highly automated management toolsets that support change and release management functions.

Peter Borough Office

PA Technologies understands the importance of IT Services and IT Support within businesses which is why we make it one of our key strengths. The costs of managing and maintaining systems is typically far greater than the original purchase of the systems themselves, which is why appropriate Management tools need to be introduced to enable improvements in efficiency. Through the use of effective tools, your IT Support department should be able to significantly reduce the amount of time it spends maintaining its IT infrastructure on a day to day basis.

PA Technologies has considerable experience and expertise in the delivery of solutions which will enable your business to maintain, manage and deploy of your IT Support infrastructure and obtain a greater level of control.  There are many solutions on the market which offer a wide degree of functionality and each varies in both complexity and functionality. PA Technologies  works with solutions from leading IT infrastructure vendors that include; Microsoft, HP & VMware and more. We offer IT Infrastructure Management solutions in the following areas:

  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • System Management
  • Site Assessment
  • Server Based Audits
  • Proactive Service
  • Management & Status Reporting
  • Best Practice Driven Solutions
  • Automated & Reliable Backup Solutions
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