PA Engagement Process

How we Engagement is critical to yours and our success

All organisations experience problems, that just normal. Whist IT infrastructure and strategy changes can cripple your organisation, they are avoidable.

Don’t waste time struggling to design and maintain complex IT systems, why wrestle with continually evolving technologies and IT management principles.

PA Technologies has spent years developing and refining a Client Engagement Process which allows us to maximise the benefit a client receives from us. The Engagement Process has been designed around a structured and repeatable framework which enables us to bring on new clients effectively whilst ensuring no gaps in information or unnecessary delays in incurred.

Pa Engagement Process

Underlying Framework

Using an unique engagement process which was derived from the famous Microsoft Operational Framework, our 3 step process will ensure that needs will be captured. Our methodical approach ensures your needs are thoroughly understood and we are able to designs solutions to meet your needs. Once a solution has been chosen, our delivery expertise is at hand in order to ensure that your solution is delivered on time and on budget.

3 Step Process:

  • Step 1: Assessment (understand the organisational needs through a series interviews or workshops. Learn what works and what does not and identify areas for immediate & future improvement)
  • Step 2: Design (Design a solution\service which addresses all of the client’s needs, aligns itself to the organisational needs and delivers immediate or future operational performance improvements)
  • Step 3: Delivery (Deliver the proposed solution on time & on budget. Where necessary ensure that the implemented services\solution is operated, maintained and supported in line with agreed SLA’s)

Organisational Benefits

A powerful process is one that clearly outlines what needs to be done to progress and identifies the tools to ensure delivery. Like all great processes, the metrics should be gatherable and measurable to measure progress and the return on investment.

Organisational benefits derived from the engagement process are clear:

  • Clarity. The assessment phase through its series of interviews, workshops and our inherent knowledge should ensure that clarity maintained throughout the process. For clarity good communication is vital, so we train all of our staff to listen intently to our clients, understand their needs and translate those into functional requirements.
  • Setting Clear Expectations. Stakeholder management is paramount to all consultancy firms and us alike. Defining a shared vision at the outset of the Design Phase is key and having the relationship in place with the client to correctly set their expectation is vital. We strive to become a trusted partner of our clients and put in place a relationship built upon trust and respect which sets the precedence for on-going activities. Clear and effective reporting helps to ensure that transparency and accountability is maintain throughout.
  • Cost\Time Savings. All of services and solutions are aimed to deliver a substantial cost or operational improvement, which goes without saying. We also look to reduce and refine our processes and delivery procedures which means that we like to save you time & money whatever we are delivering for you

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