Microsoft have up the ante in the battle of Cloud Storage supremacy by increasing the upload limit to 10GB!

Jason Moore from Microsoft says that this is now available on the Windows and Mac OneDrive app, all OneDrive mobile app’s, and the OneDrive site. Apparently it was a much requested feature from the customers. Business users will get the new feature at some point in the future.

Many claims from Microsoft include, syncing improvements and an increase in the number of files that can be uploaded/downloaded simultaneously. 3x speed boosts in sync speed will be rolling out in the coming weeks too for Windows PC’s and Mac’s.

You can now create share links from your OneDrive account, making collaboration easier. Oh, and did I mention that you can now Drag & Drop files into the application? Yep, I just did.

Overall, there’s some tasty upgrades to Microsoft’s cloud storage solution that will ensure OneDrive is a favorite among the masses. And with portable devices capable of 4K and high resolution images, the industry is very aware that times are changing, technology is improving, and our storage space is increasing. And it’s very clear that Microsoft is aware of this by the latest added features.

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