As an admin, you forget your own password, you can ask another admin to reset it for you, but if you were the only admin in your organization, you can reset your own password as long as your account settings are updated with this information:

  • Your account must contain an alternate email address that is not your Office 365 email address.
  • If you use a custom domain with your Office 365 account, you also need to provide a mobile phone number that can receive text messages.

Steps to add an alternate email address and a mobile phone number to your account:

  1. Go to Users and Groups
  2. Select your name in the user list.
  3. Click the Edit
  4. On the left side, click
  5. Type an email address in the alternate email address field.

*Don’t use your Office 365 email address

  1. If you use a custom domain in Office 365, go to the details tab and add a mobile phone number that can receive text messages.
  2. Click on Next.


During the Admin password reset process:

  • Complete the process in 10 minutes.
  • Don’t close your Office 365 browser window, Open a new Office 365 window, or switch computers


To reset your own password:

  1. On the Office 365 sign in page, click on “Can’t access your account?”.
  2. Enter your user ID.
  3. In the characters field, type in the numbers and letters that you see.
  4. Click Next.
  5. The next page tells you to go to the inbox where you get emails for your alternate email address. Be sure to keep the browser open. If you close it, you may need to start the reset process from the beginning.
  6. In the email message, click Reset your password now.
  7. If you use a custom domain with Office 365, check your mobile phone for a text message that contains a security code.
  8. Type in the security code you received under Mobile Verification page and click Next.
  9. On the Create a New Password page, type a new password, confirm the new password and click Finish.
  10. You may now sign in to Office 365 with your new password.


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