Microsoft has announced details of Windows 10 – it’s next operating system.

After much speculation on the World Wide Web of the successor to Windows 8, Microsoft decided to jump past 9 straight to 10. Windows 10 was designed from the ground up and will run on phones, tablets, PC’s, and Xbox gaming consoles – A unified OS for all platforms. Top marks to Microsoft for keeping the experience consistent across devices. This will increase productivity massively.

Windows 10 will bring back the much loved Start Menu, which was removed from Windows 8, and will include the conventional Programs list together with new re-sizable ‘Tiles’ which will keep the Modern UI lovers happy, including myself. Also a new notifications system will show activity from your favorite Social networks, new emails, and weather forecast updates.

Microsoft say that these features are intended to make Windows 10 familiar with both Windows 8 and Windows 7 users – Unite and prosper.


Microsoft Windows 10 - Start menu

Microsoft Windows 10 – Start menu

Windows 10 itself is very intelligent – It will detect the type of device it’s installed on, and will mean users will not need to switch between Desktop Mode and the Touch based Tile interface, for instance. But you will be able to spread your Live Tiles across screens, a-la Windows 8, on hybrid devices, so you get the best of both worlds.

Windows 8 is a great OS but criticized for being ‘too’ different from the previous versions, regardless of how technical advanced it was under the hood. This meant some organisations were reluctant to introduce it.

Microsoft have to get it right with Windows 10, and it certainly looks like they have. The re-introduction of the familiar Start Menu will help Windows 10 a lot as this is what Business users are most familiar with.

What’s your views on Microsoft’s latest OS? Will you be installing it?

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