Microsoft App-V 5.0

Microsoft’s Application Virtualisation (App-V) is one of Microsoft key application deployment solutions for the future which allows organizations to deployment packaged software to user endpoints without actually installing the software on the device itself.

Microsoft’s recent release of App-V 5.0 provides more flexible options in terms of accessing various ranges of applications. Some applications demand high levels integration for example, if an organisation wants to integrate two kinds of software applications together in order to accomplish their task then it demands the integration capability. To address this issue, Microsoft App-V 5.0 provides more interesting changes that successfully solve this issue. This can improve the interaction between the users and the application. By utilising Virtual Application Connection groups, Microsoft App-V 5.0 enables users to integrate two different applications in order to finish their task according to their requirements.

App-VMicrosoft hopes App-V 5.0, will also give more importance to the consistency of virtual application access. These applications are created in such a way that to work exactly like a traditionally installed application on a local machine.  This way, the customers can utilise the virtual applications without modifying any elements in them. Management is an important concern when it comes to creating a virtualised application platform.

Microsoft App-V 5.0 provides powerful unique management options for the users. This is created with the web based management interface which is based on Silverlight that can help the users to manage their applications without any installation procedures.

The Shared Content store in the new Microsoft App-V is one of the interesting tools that allow the users to make use of the disk resources on their machines more effectively. This tool is designed in such a way that to be efficient and simple to use for the customers in the VDI environment.

It also provides a choice for the users to select the application to stream as well as keeping local according to their specific requirements. This tool will be helpful for the IT to manage and utilise Configuration Manager as like they do in their conventional systems. These new features in the Microsoft App-V should certainly impress advanced customers and encourage them utilise the virtual application platform successfully and easily.

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