Managed Network Services

PA Technologies provides comprehensive network management & monitoring services from its 24×7 Operation Centres, assisting with capacity planning, identifying network performance issues and intervening in the event of failure if required.

PA Technologies ‘s Managed Network services provide proactive monitoring and management of local and wide area networks. We can also design, implement, support and manage all aspects of your networking requirements including:

  • National and international WANs
  • Data centre and office LANs
  • Network security
  • Bandwidth and internet services
  • Wireless networking

Successful network management requires proactive support that addresses keyservice needs and identifies potential problem areas so that maximum performance and availability are maintained. PA Technologies’s Managed Network services provide the skills, resources and tools to support and manage local and wide-area networks, regardless of size and complexity.

Managed Network Services

Offering best-of-breed core infrastructure based on highly resilient Cisco, BT and Telewest technology, PA Technologies’s managed network services portfolio includes network monitoring to ensure optimum performance and high availability, guidance on capacity planning and utilisation, hardware load balancing (using Zeus ZXTM technology), rapid provisioning of managed WAN circuits and WAN optimisation.

These services can be delivered across your own network or PA Technologies’s managed nationwide MPLS network.

PA Technologies Managed Network Services are for you if:

  • Sudden unexpected demand creates load balancing issues on your servers
  • Deploying additional capacity in response to emerging business requirements is not always straightforward or swift
  • You are experiencing network infrastructure performance bottlenecks that are time consuming to troubleshoot
  • You are investigating proactive system health checks to minimise potential risk
  • Your network could be better optimised for remote sites and for rapid addition of locations to the corporate network infrastructure


  • Optimised network infrastructure availability, capacity and security
  • Improved responsiveness to business requirements
  • Removal of day-to-day network administration tasks, releasing key IT staff to focus on new initiatives
  • Proactive 24×7 network support

To find out more about PA Technologies managed network services call 0845 862 1474 or why not arrange for one of our Managed Services specialists to give you a call – simply complete the form to the right and we’ll be in touch at your convenience.

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