HP recently announced new range of products & services aimed to help small & medium sized organisations (SMEs) simplify their IT infrastructure & accelerate business gains from mobile access and BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices)

Mobile BYOD

The use of mobile devices & BYOD in the business allows for cutting-edge business applications to be accessed remotely ensuring productivity remains consistent irregardless of location. However, SMEs customarily have static and fragmented IT infrastructures, making it complicated to rapidly or efficiently respond to infrastructure demands by a mobile workforce and virtualised applications.
To refine IT management for SMEs and ease the transition to a modern-day infrastructure, HP has expanded its Converged
Infrastructure portfolio with new storage & network solutions that strengthen employee productivity by providing secure access to business apps & data via mobile devices & BYO

VDI and BYOD Solutions

Simplify virtual desktops with vdi in a box

D. Additionally, HP is also offering training programs to address SMEs’ end-to-end mobility challenges by helping them to acquire the means needed to boost business response times in the evolving mobile platform, quickly and easily.

“Mobility will soon be a normal part of every SME organisation, as it moves from being used primarily for email to supporting critical apps” said Robert Anderson, Research VP at Gartner. “Small & midsize businesses must align & modernise their existing IT capabilities to take advantage of the benefits & competitive differentiation mobility brings.” So mobile devices and BYOD seem to be key devices and strategies for the future of all organisations.

Storage in a mobile world

Growth in data and application demands are evolving as mobility continues to drive an explosion of data & changes the way applications are used on mobile devices and BYOD. SMEs need simple, measured & affordable storage platforms that respond to these new requirements, while also supporting dynamic workloads & rapid growth of both structured & unstructured data.

HP’s new offerings in storage solutions provide scalability, reliability and availability.

The new offerings include:

HP StoreVirtual, its features allow SMEs to add physical storage without disruption & the ability to simply move data across virtual or physical storage.

HP StoreEasy, is an integrated storage solution that supports file & application workloads. Aimed at Midsize organisations that can’t afford to add another file server to address the increase in unstructured data caused by mobile devices. Native Windows integration enables SMEs to immediately configure & manage HP StoreEasy without having to learn a new storage management system.

A broad range of technologies and programmes can assist SMEs to simplify IT operations & employee productivity.

Some of these offerings are:

HP Client Virtualisation – SME Reference Architecture for Citrix VDI-in-a-Box supports 50 percent more users than the previous version. It diminishes the cost and complexity of deploying desktop virtualisation, allowing associates to securely and remotely access desktops from any client device. Critical user data is saved on the server instead of the mobile device, thus ensuring its not lost, damaged or impaired.

HP Learning Initiative programme provides cloud-based training at no additional cost, to improve core IT & business skills from anywhere, any device.

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