VDI adoptions are on the rise with many businesses taking up the opportunity. A good number of businesses are deploying the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). For one to get a good idea of VDI adoption, or how it will be implemented, we decided to launch this query to desktop virtualization specialists.

Is VDI Adoption Going To Rock The Market! But How?

VDI has created important ground in the online arena and has also come to the awareness of IT professionals who are out to differentiate the VDI meat from the sizzle and any hype that is attributed to it.

In fact, a friend who is the IT manager of big corporation in the city of Houston attested to have been in the struggle with Citrix VDI Adoption. Sometime back, his computer was infected with a virus, thus spreading to the each virtual desktop in his business. Besides, it was not an easy task to find competent qualified staff acquainted with VDI to organize for the maintenance and infrastructure.

Another barricade to VDI adoption has been IT finances forced by many years of cuts or diminutions. VDI adoption necessitates a more steady back-end setup, and not the traditional thick customers. Similarly, that infrastructure is not done financially. VDI with backing for disconnected user desktops, (these are the computers that are not in the network) entails even more multifaceted back end. Surely, the charge and the complexity of VDI have been on the rise. For this reason, only a few companies have managed and will accomplish VDI adoption.

Desktop As A Service

VDI adoptionThe only remarkable advancement that guarantees to modify the face of a business is cloud-based VDI, or you may call it Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Desktop as a Service makes it easy to transform the virtual desktops to the cloud. This is done with cloud-based packages and infrastructure. Desktop as a Service serves to offer the rewards of VDI adoption minus experiencing the hindrances convoluted in obtaining, installing and maintaining virtual desktop in-house.


Soon, Desktop as a Service corporation is going to polish their commercial prototypes and charges are bound to reduce since the service will start making more inroads to the market. As VDI technology matures and Desktop as a Service grows and is extensively obtainable, countless corporations will have to embrace VDI. Apparently, the trend shows that a good number of corporations are more than willing to move to VDI, actually, VDI adoption is advancing to greater height.

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