Stop Storage Sprawl and turn to GridStore the flexible storage solution

Eliminate Storage Sprawl

GridStore continues to innovate in the flexible storage space and introduces new virtualisation software and groundbreaking storage hardware designed to introduce low energy scalable storage blocks. These storage blocks one by one allow organisations to increase their storage capacity. This is storage, but not as you know it. Shared storage pools take away the complexity of traditional storage and the common single point of failure which you encounter with standalone NAS solutions and eliminate storage sprawl.

Easy to Deploy

GridStore’s communications platform uniquely uses grid computing via the GridStore patented data virtualisation solution to make a number of nodes in a network to work together and share the computing power of the clients on the network.

Easy to Manage

No matter what the size of your GridStore installation, it is one pool of storage which is all the time managed through one console  and becomes available in any node right away. Being able to increase your storage capacity as your organisation grows, means that you won’t end up with a little bit of storage here and there (storage sprawl), you can increase your organisations’ storage as you need it.

Easy to Expand

With GridStore, you can attach a GridStore enabled storage block to your network with a network cable and power and instead of adding capacity with standalone NAS that leads to storage sprawl. A GridStore storage installation is auto-detected by a new storage block then immediately attaches to it. The new capacity then immediately available with zero downtime to the users.

Easy for Users

There is no need for any training to use GridStore, simply add the storage solution to your network and treat is as you would traditional storage.

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