PA Disaster Recovery Solution

PA Technologies Disaster Recovery Solution

Business disasters are no longer limited to natural causes, like floods. Today, increasingly common business interruptions — such as power outages and snowstorms – can cripple a business for hours or days at a time. Even a short interruption can be disastrous to sales, employee productivity and customer satisfaction and that’s were Disaster Recovery Solutions comes in.

To prepare for the unexpected, you want to:

  • protect your business data
  • ensure continuous business operations, even if the office is inaccessible
  • enable employees to work, remotely if necessary and employ a good Disasater Recovery Solution!!

Review the benefits of Data Backups or Get In Touch Today and speak to one of our Disaster Recovery Consultants

Disaster Recovery

PA’s Disaster Recovery Solution  Secure Your data In a Number of Ways:

  • Disk Encryption Services
  • Email Encryption Services
  • Desktop & Laptop Backup & Recovery Services

We also offer you a variety of protection services for your data:

  • Managed virtual servers
  • Managed hosting
  • Managed desktop
  • Full-service offsite desktop and server backup
  • Data and file recovery services
  • Self-service online desktop backup
  • Mobility solutions

To learn more about how PA Technologies’s can help you guard against disasters, then speak to one of our Disaster Recovery Specialists now on 0845 862 1474 or simply email us at [email protected]

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