Cloud Services

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Cloud Services

Today the Cloud is everywhere, everyone’s talking about it, it’s all that you hear. Should you, shouldn’t you? Should I be making better use of the Cloud services I’m currently using? We are all plagued with doubt and that’s where we can help. The Cloud is a once-in-a-generation technology advancement, and at PA Technologies we believe it’s our mission to provide our customers with clear impartial advice.

Is The Cloud Right For YOUR Business?

Nowadays, all businesses large or small can benefit from using the Cloud. A vast amount of services & applications being provided to organisations are already being delivered via the Cloud. We appreciate though that not all businesses are not ready to host applications or infrastructure in the Cloud but there are a range of Cloud Services which all organisations\businesses should have in place, Online Backups & Disaster Recovery\Business Continuity. These services add immediate benefit to any business large or small.

All businesses large or small are unique and such this is where a Specialist Cloud Providers such as PA Technologies can help guide the way forward. Solution Providers such as us, help ensure that you maximise the return on your investment and ensure you realise all the benefits of the cloud.

cloud services

How we can add value

PA Technologies is here to help businesses like yours, to choose the right options and solutions that will maximise benefits received from the Cloud and to meet your needs.

We believe in time all businesses will adopt cloud technologies, this coupled with greater mobility will see businesses and the workplace change over time. The end result will see the cloud acting as an enabler, a value-add, a competitive advantage to small businesses and large businesses alike

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Benefits of Cloud Services

  • Cloud Services allow you to host your IT infrastructure in an ultra-secure data centre saving costs and improving reliability.
  • Online Backup and Disaster Recovery Services continually back up data and systems to the Cloud, from which services and data can be recovered in the event of a disaster.
  • Enhanced Security – Advanced monitoring, customised governance, robust data policy management and advanced security & compliance requirements.
cloud security


Security within the cloud uses state of the art technologies to connect virtual machines to one another and authorised users whilst blocking unauthorised traffic. Virtual Networks help connect your on-premises network to the cloud, via a site-to-site virtual private network (VPN) or a dedicated wide area network links.

Our solutions utilise Microsoft Azure, one of the most secure Cloud Solutions in the world. Microsoft continuously monitors servers, networks, and applications to detect threats.

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