Office 365: Creating a Shared Mailbox


Here are the steps in creating a shared mailbox in Office 365:

1. Sign in to your admin account in Office 365.

2. On the admin page under users & groups, click on Add users, reset passwords, and more.

3. Then, click the shared mailboxes tab.

4. Click the add icon shown as a plus (+) sign.

5. Type a name of the shared mailbox (this name will appear in the from line).

6. Type in the email address (when people send email to the shared mailbox, this is the email address they will use).

7. Click Next.

8. On the next page, click on the add icon shown as a plus (+) sign to add members to the shared mailbox (they can receive and respond emails sent to your shared mailbox).

9. Click on Finish.

Any device, anywhere

Any device, any user, anywhere

How Microsoft can help empower your workforce and engage your customers.

Mobile productivity is no longer about carrying a single mobile device—and relying on it to handle all the details of daily life. Now, going mobile means the ability for any user to pick up any device and have instant access to all of their “stuff.” Settings, data, and applications follow the user and flow seamlessly from device to device.

We believe the next wave of enterprise mobile will be about enabling these fluid, seamless mobile experiences for your users.

People are engaging in mobile computing en masse —they love their mobile devices and (more…)

Power Point Presentation

Power Point Presentation

Welcome, gallant investigators! Our second Hidden Gem is a new look at Power Point. This presentation program will have been in use for a quarter of a century the following year. When it was started, many office computers had green monitors and very few of them were interconnected to one another.
Currently, though, packing a pun china presentation requires multimedia and immediate delivery to anywhere on the globe. The latest version runs very perfectly.


Hidden Gems in Microsoft office:Business Contact Manager

Hidden Gems in Microsoft office:Business Contact Manager

In life, there comes a time when what a man needs a frock coat and some heavy walking boots. Operating a business may not be one of them. That is why Microsoft Office is always packed with steady extras which may be missing out on other Microsoft. In this series, we will find out some of the unseen gems in Microsoft products. I any case you had not finds out anything to do with the Clip Art, this is the right place to know about it.


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