Office 365: Communicate with Lync

Lync is a communication service that can connect to the people inside and outside your organization. Instant messaging is just the beginning. You can see when your coworkers are online and available. Their presence indicators change color when they are available, in a meeting, on a call or away from their desk. These indicators also show up in Outlook Web App and SharePoint TeamSite. Point to the contact to see more. In the contacts list, you can start an instant message conversation, audio call, high definition video call or schedule a meeting. In the Lync meeting, you can show a Power Point presentation and let participants contribute or (more…)

Office 365: Using Email and More

Office 365 includes email,  calendar, and contacts and more. When you sign in to office 365, there are links at the top of the page for outlook web app. Click outlook for your email, calendar for your appointments, and people for your contacts. To change settings for outlook web app go to the settings menu. For example to create an out of office message for when your are on vacation.

With Office 365 you can also read your email on your phone, tablet or other supported mobile device. On the get started page in office 365 click phone and tablet. Many mobile devices work with (more…)

Office 365: Adding a User with Admin Permissions

As an admin in Office 365, you may have the need manage user accounts and to add new users with admin permissions.


1. On the Admin Page, under users & groups, click on Add Users, reset passwords, and more.

2. On the users & groups page, click on the Add icon (+).

3. On the details page, fill in the name and other necessary information.

4. Make sure to indicate a valid mobile phone number that can (more…)

Manage User Accounts in Office 365: Change or Delete and Restore Users

In Office 365 you will be able to manage user accounts such as the need to change or delete and restore user details. You may have the need to change the user’s last name if she was married just recently. You may also want to update any user details like their username or there is a need to delete a user account.

Changing User’s Information

Updating User’s Last Name

Steps: 1. On the admin page, under users and groups click   (more…)

Introduction to Office 365

Getting to know Office 365


Office 365 includes many useful services that work together to help you get your job done. When you sign in to Office 365 there are links at the top of the page for outlook web app. Outlook – Email Calendar – appointments and scheduling People – contacts News feeds – to follow people inside your organization or to add posts about your work and interest Sites – to get to your team site Team Site – to gather information in (more…)

Office 365: Using Shared Mailbox in Outlook 2013 and Outlook Web App

Being a member of a shared mailbox, you can monitor and respond to emails sent to the shared maibox in Outlook and Outlook Web App.

Outlook 2013

The shared mailbox automatically appears in your folder list. If the shared mailbox was just created or you were just added as a member of a specific shared mailbox, it may take a few hours for the shared mailbox to appear.

When the shared mailbox appears in your folder list, open an email and (more…)

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