Everyone should be aware of the plan of Microsoft to abandon Windows XP starting from April 8, 2014. The problem here is that about 39% of the total devices in the world are still running on Windows XP. What will happen to them without the support coming from its creator? Apparently, this issue will inconvenience a large number of users.

Computers that are operating with Windows XP will become more risky to hacking and viruses. This is because there will be no bug fixes or security updates. There could be more loopholes and backdoors that a user may discover along the way.
Nevertheless, firms using Windows XP has an option, and that is to pay Microsoft for additional support that are otherwise provided free of charge before April 8, 2014. While this does not come with guarantees, this means extra operational expense for the firms. Don’t you think it will affect their monthly budget?

Addressing Issues of Windows XP.

Microsoft is pretty blatant in addressing the issue of Windows XP. It can only say “get off Windows XP” that is, while firms still have time to do so. Yet another problem realized here is that while the firms are made aware through notifications, surveys showed that more than 50% of the Windows XP-employing businesses have not made any plan or devise a strategy to get off  XP.
These firms are still in the process of strategizing the transition off their Windows XP to the new operating systems that Microsoft is forcing them to adapt. Many firms are already failing at the planning process what more on piloting and actual implementation of such.
The goal should be taking action today so that impending disasters for tomorrow can be prevented. The problem with firms is that they always choose to postpone their Windows 8 migration without realizing that the lack of investment in IT can lead to potential losses. This is due to loss time waiting for the computer to load, crashing applications and slowing down connection.

windows XPAs such, there is no better time to migrate to 8 than today. Why not? Microsoft specifically designed Windows 8 with the consumers in mind. Indeed, migrating might present technical challenges including application compatibility as well as losing features that the entire operation is dependent upon.
However, Windows XP has many new features that do not entirely deviate from the ones that you are currently using.

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