Business Continuity As A Service

Business Continuity As A Service

Like boy scouts, it always pays to be prepared. You never know when disaster will strike and that’s why every organisation no matter what size you are should have a disaster recovery plan. In today’s digital world the most valuable asset an organisation has is its data and thats where Business Continuity comes in. If anything suddenly happened to mean that data was loss, then total closure wouldn’t be far behind

Act now, act today and start assessing what’s critical to the survival of your organisation, what systems are critical to keeping your organisation functioning. What data can your organisation not do without?

Business Continuity As A Service

Now, what are you going to do to ensure those systems are redundant..look at business continuity? What data is backed up and how are you going to ensure that everything is kept safe in case of a natural disaster….business continuity?

So speak to PA Technologies if any of the following applies to you:

  • No real plan of action to deal with a loss of data or systems
  • The cost of implementing a fully robust disaster recovery plan seems daunting
  • You rely on basic tape backup and manual intervention to recovery data
  • Never really had the time to test your Disaster Recovery plan

Benefit of a PA Technologies Business Continuity Solution

  • 100% fully hosted and fully managed Recovery Solution
  • Full data & system recovery within an hour
  • Fixed monthly fee for ease of budgeting
  • Regularly full data recovery and infrastructure testing to ensure system readiness
  • Fast failover

Call a member of the team on 0845 868 1474 to learn more, alternatively request more information by emailing [email protected] today

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