Purchasing cloud services rather than traditional hardware and software can save you money, and kick start new .However matching the numerous cloud services to the precise requirements of your company, which is why we have formed a simple problem solver. Make us know what you would want to achieve and we will endorse an economical and easy Microsoft cloud service to fit the bill.

A quick reminder of what you need to do…

Here’s a quick reminder that shows why cloud computing should be on your agenda:
Reduce the start-up costs: cloud services are delivered online, so you don’t need to shell out on costly technology just for a start.
The IT is not your problem: security, flexibility and availability are catered for on your behalf, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Cloud is very much flexible: Grow or diminish your commitment anytime. You will never pay for more than you require.

So what do you need to do?

This is a characteristic list of business challenges. It’s most probable that more than one will apply to your company’s processes. In all the cases, however, there’s a reliable, cloud-delivered service from Microsoft which can help without straining the bank!

I want to share my files with colleagues.

Email’s fine for sending small files; but not for larger files, and in any case, it’s very difficult to keep track of what you’ve sent, the version, and the person. Windows Live Sky Drive is an online storage space with lots of space and powerful access controls and it is completely free.

I want a reliable email

Rising businesses require more than a free bie email account. Exchange is Microsoft’s reliable, protected and dominant enterprise grade email service as used by hundreds of thousands of companies across the world. And it’s currently accessible to anyone in the cloud through Office 365. Create your own domain name and you can get a world class email ([email protected]) rather than free by email ([email protected]).Exchange mail works just similar to Outlook, and is packed with add-ons like shared calendars also.

I want an end to worries about security

cloud servicesThis is the essence of the cloud. As soon as you use any of the services that is put online, you can be sure of getting a rigorous security regime which is indeed, a much more committed to data security than what smaller companies could afford by themselves .when using the cloud; you will get the exact security identifications as companies ten times your size. You can also get the security of your own office PCs using cloud services ,check out on the Windows In tune, which provide security and performance service for rising companies.

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