Office 365 Productivity Tips

Are you a Small Business? Are you using Office 365, and if so are you getting the most out of it? 

Buying any new system or application doesn’t mean that your staff will make the most of it. In order to make the most out of Office 365, here are some tips guidance notes. 

As owners and leaders in businesses, you need to set an example and also be aware that users may need some level of training to get the most out of the Office application. Despite most users being comfortable with office, the look and feel of newer versions of their favourite applications can throw some users off. Thankfully, Microsoft is aware of this fact and provide a plethora of training videos and articles online for users to consume at their leisure.

increase productivity with Office 365

Our top 4 tips to increase productivity with Office 365

  1. Set an example – When introducing any change into an organisation, it’s important for users to see examples of that change being implemented. So it’s important that some Office Champions or yourself are chosen to be figureheads of that change and as such, are seen to be using Office 365. Remember the words of the great Mahatma Gandhi  ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world…‘.
  2. Training – In order to take full advantage of Office 365, users will require training of some description. Training can be provided in multiple forms, written guides, workshops or online. Microsoft provides a vast library of Office 365 training courses for free online which your staff could consume for free. Each training session need only be a minute or two.  
  3. Make productivity fun – Encourage your staff to use one of the multiple forms of communication which Office 365 provides them with, Skype for Business, Yammer, Instant Messaging\Chat (IM) and video calls. Employees can bond by using Yammer, the private social network solution for businesses which comes with Office 365, or for quick forms of communication, staff can use instant messaging or Skype. Communicating socially at work has been proven to improve working relationships between colleagues and increase productivity. 
  4. Features and Capabilities – Before you implement Office 365, make a note of the key features you want to take advantage of in the short term and the long term.  Knowing and identifying these key features & capabilities you want to leverage upfront will enable you to plan for change more efficiently and will mean that your messages and efforts are less likely to be diluted or ambiguous. 

Below are some of the key features and capabilities which we believe most organisations\businesses would benefit from most and increase productivity.

Office 365 Key Features & Benefits to SME’s

Storage in the Cloud – With scalable, secure storage in the cloud you will know longer need to worry about running out of disk space or fear that large attachments will clog up your inbox. No longer will you need to worry about your physical servers reaching their capacity. Documents and files can now all be stored securely within Microsoft’s cloud within Office 365. Along with Office 365, all users are provided with multiple means of storage including, OneDrive (Microsoft’s version of Dropbox), email archiving & storage and SharePoint also.

Mobile Office – There is no need to restrict workers to the office, now can be done from any location; there is no longer a need to be in the office. Office 365 mobile capabilities including Mobile Device Management (MDM) for all mobile devices. SharePoint and OneDrive can be used to share documents and collaborate in real time with colleagues. Users can use browser-based versions of Office applications as versions on iOS and Android. Work be done securely on any device and all under the protection of your organisation and Microsoft via Mobile Device Management, the office never needs to close.

Security – Office 365 is ultra secure, it has been designed using Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle. This development lifecycle was designed to bring together the best practices from over the past two decades and introduce it into the development of enterprise software and online services. Microsoft provides Office 365 users with physical, logical, and data levels of security. In addition to this, Office 365 gives SME’s with enterprise-grade adminisrtrator controls to allow organisations to fine tune this further to meet their own needs.

Skype for business – Skype for Business is excellent for video conferencing, online meetings, and instant messaging. Skype for Business can be used on PCs or phones. Staff will have the ability to talk, chat and collaborate simultaneously on work, hold online meetings and capture the outputs of their meeting directly into SharePoint, email or One Note. It is a fantastic addition to any organisations arsenal. 


You just add your data and users then your employees will be able to gain access to data securely and from anywhere. As a small business ourselves, we know secure and functionality like this is invaluable and we would never be able to justify the creation of services like theses ourselves. What’s even better, you don’t have to invest in expensive technical staff to support it also. Just use a trusted Microsoft Cloud Partner like ourselves and gain access to the powerful tools that the suite has to offers any firm, regardless of size. 

When you buy Office 365, you choose from a variety of subscription plans. You can customise features to fit your needs and save the money that you would have spent on hardware, third-party software, more IT support, or travel costs. 

And by investing some of that money you have saved in training and Office 365 adoption can significantly increase productivity for your staff and your bottom line further.

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