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CEOs all over the world are looking at public cloud solutions like Amazon’s (AWS). Like all public & private cloud solutions they as face their own challenges. On one side, they offer scalability like Amazon’s (AWS) does and on the other private cloud solutions carry with them high implementation costs.

Most organisations eventually side with the decision to implement a private clouds solution amist the fears about security, resiliency & support, but are they correct?

Put together correctly Amazon’s public cloud (AWS) and alternative solutions offered by Google, Microsoft, and HP all provide cost effective, scalable, and reliable cloud solutions.


Lets dispel 3 more myths about Amazon’s Cloud offering (AWS): p>

1. Price. Public cloud offerings can be quite expensive if done incorrectly. Instances can remain underutilised, Reserved Instances aren’t used which means potential cost savings of up to 71% are missed.  Utilising reserved instances means that an organisation pay a reservation fee for an instance in advance at a mu noch lower rate, so if you know what you know your baselines then reserve what you need upfront.

2. Only pay for what you use. Companies can pay for what they need, rather than what they use, says Zev Laderman, Co-Founder of Newvem. Again this method has a large impact on the overall cost of the solution.

IT departments like to purchase servers and infrastructure then quickly discover that these items remain underutilised. The same problem can arise when organisations use public clouds, instead of getting the benefits of on-demand scalability, they end up with a large number of underutilized instances. Fortunately, organisations that adopt virtualisation find that they dramatically improve their server utilisation and now new cloud management tools enable organisations to optimise their public cloud usage, whilst utilisation and reducing cost.

CIOs & CTOs like to focus on capturing cost savings, running more efficient clouds, and freeing up IT resources.

3. Public clouds are unpredictable. Even though Amazon has had several well publicised outages, these outages shouldn’t have affected clients who configured their public cloud infrastructures correctly.

New zonal support, provides organisations with the ability to distribute their workloads across multiple locations, and the ability to spin up instances across those zones. Public cloud infrastructures due to their design are very reliable. Public clouds like Amazon`s need not be just for consumer Internet companies like Netflix and Pinterest.

CIOs & CEOs should consider the cost and labour saving benefits of public clouds when used with cloud management services that analyse potential cost spiral issues, utilization issues, and security vulnerabilities.

Newvem launched a new tool that helps enterprises take advantage of cost effective AWS services. Their Reserved Instance Decision Making Tool can help enterprise CIOs:

  • Ensure that reserved instances meet cost and performance expectations
  • Identify consistent On-Demand usage that can be shifted to Reserved Instances
  • Track Reserved Instance expiration dates and recommend actions for renewal and scale up and down

Just as traditional systems management solutions like Oracle, BMC, CA, and IBM solutions enable CIOs and their operations teams to manage their private clouds, Newvem enables CIOs to onboard and improve AWS cloud usage.

Cloud analysis services can also pinpoint design flaws and make recommendations to improve reliability and ensure that if an outage does occur, services can rapidly be brought back online.

By leveraging an appropriate cloud management service, enterprise CIOs can benefit from the widely available public cloud offerings.

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